Gigi Crisa

“Explore my vision through your personal interpretation and perception”

Gigi Crisa was born and raised on the Sicilian Island of Italy. He is a contemporary artist working with the medias of acrylic, oil, water color, and ink.

He currently lives and works in Santa Barbara, California.

Gigi Crisa went to the I Liceo Artistico of Palermo, Sicily where he studied the history of art, and experimented and trained with different artistic techniques. His artwork is a fusion of bright and bold colors genuinely inspired by the Mediterranean together with an inquietude of shapes and figures, a constant prerogative in the way of self expression. Some of the pieces were inspired and are the product of dreams, others a colorful narrative of everyday stories, yet ultimately an instinct or the creative impulsivity to vent with hues the deep subconscious of the mind.